Cine Mandal

Installation at 3rd Chandigarh Cinema Festival [29th-31st Aug, 2014]

Organized by 4C / Chandigarh Creative Cinema Circle

At Govt. Museum Auditorium, Sec 10, Chandigarh

Cine Mandal 1

Area : 60′ X 30′

  • Cine Mandal is a symbolic installation representing constellation (Tara Mandal) where stars personified as cinema admirers gathered at film festival.
  • Bamboo tied in star like frames by square lashing and white fabric is reminiscent of cinema screen.
  • Crafted frames arranged in an engaging way to make a lively entrance.

Cine Mandal 2

Cine Mandal 3

Cine Mandal 4

Cine Mandal 5

Cine Mandal 6

Cine Mandal 7

Cine Mandal 8