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Shilp (Craft) Khel (Game) is an alternative education project that integrates craft & game processes to design an experiential environment for kids to nourish the self-directed learner in them. We create an inclusive activity spaces for children where they can explore their interest and unique potential as an individual and develop skills to joyously work in collaboration with others.

Daras @ chirag school

Art & Play Activities with Kids at Chirag School 

“The winner sows hatred, the loser suffers. Let go of winning and losing and find joy.”  ~ The Buddha Dhammapada


To observe, understand and nourish innate qualities and natural abilities of children is more important than to teach or dictate them. They simply need an encouraging as well as an adventurous environment to explore and evolve their inmost being through various ways of learning.

In whatever culture we grow, an appreciable part of our life’s learning has been in childhood through plays, frolicking around and being engaged in simple games. Later in our lives we actualize the experience of our subconscious being.

The kind of environment we experience in childhood, the kind of stories we hear or the games we play nourish values and special qualities in us. Every activity we do or engage in, blossoms our inner potential, creative thinking, innovative powers and holistic understanding.


The purpose of Shilp Khel is to create ample learning opportunities for kids through various art & play activities.

At all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); playing inculcates therapeutic effects upon us. Freedom in playing games and creating art helps children to discover their real interest, ideas and new skills that supports their overall development.

The purpose of conducting the flexible and open-ended art activities and games is to encourage and appreciate the natural learning abilities of children and to make their learning a joyous discovery.

Children are allowed to loosen up, play freely, share knowledge, exchange ideas and skills to manifest their journeys in their own way and at their own pace.

The engagement in the process is always more importance than the results.


1. Experiential Learning: Observe – Analyze – Imagine – Organize – Discover – Create – Invent – Evolve – Think – Experience – Express & Reflect.

2. Freedom in Exploration of Ideas, Skills and Knowledge.

3. Growth through all Learning Modalities: Visual (seeing) – Auditory (hearing) – Kinesthetic (moving) – Tactile (touching) at all levels (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual).

4. To Appreciate their inherent qualities, Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Intelligence.

5. To encourage their Independent Thinking, Self-Directed Learning & Leading Abilities. The ability to make their own choices & decisions without any imposition or pressure of others.



To encourage children to delve independently into activities of their choice to explore and understand their own nature, expressions, capacities and challenges in the work process.


To encourage children to work with a collaborative spirit in a group to learn, exchange and co-create ideas, skills and knowledge for the growth of all.

  • Spontaneous Exercises and Plays: Direct Encounter with uncertain life situations.
  • Interactions, Storytelling & Conversations with kids in context of their learning objectives.
  • Introducing Activities & Explaining flexible work processes.
  • Experimentation & Creative Challenges: Breaking Steps & Creating new learning patterns.
  • Contextual Exposure after initial rounds of their own imaginative exploration.
  • Integrated (Multi-layered) Work Processes: Activities within Activities.
  • Asking Relevant Questions & synchronizing with their flow of explorations.
  • Reflection, Self-Observation & Introspection.
  • Self-Assessment & Self Remarks: To help them understand what qualities and strength they have and what improvement they need.


  • Active Physical Plays
  • Imaginative Plays
  • Plays Involving Investigation (Explorations & Discovery)

Activity 1: Nature Art.

Create Patterns, Craft Objects, Forms, Structures or Installations using Natural Elements & Biodegradable Waste.

Activity 2: Craft Making & Installations.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle Crafts, Mixed Media Crafts Products & Spatial Installation

Origami, Clay Modelling, Pottery, Wood-Metal-Stone Works, Weaving & Dyeing Craft

Pioneering Projects (of Scout Movement): the art of using ropes and wooden spars joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. Pioneering can be used for constructing small items such as camp gadgets up to larger structures such as bridges and towers.

Activity 3: Visual Art, Photography, Video Art, VR & Animation

Painting, Drafting, Photo Essay & Video Art, Virtual Reality, Audio-Visual Recording, Photoshop, Video Editing, Projection Art etc.

Activity 4: Create (Cognitive & Physical) Games.

Cognitive Hunt (Numeric – Logical – Conceptual), Mind Mapping, Magic tricks

Basic Physics & Mathematics – optics, idea of weight, distance, scale, force, order, division, sequence, series, estimation, measurements, permutation & combinations.

Gross Motor & Fine Motor Skills

Activity 5: Adventurous Thrills & Challenges.

To work on Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Endurance.

Awareness through Body, Yoga, Capoeira, Slack lining, Juggling, Fencing, Aerobics, Skating, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Trekking etc.

Activity 6: Sensory & Therapeutic Plays

All sensory modalities (see, smell, taste, hear & touch) – Sensing & Guessing

Activity 7: Creative Writing, Spontaneous Singing and Sound compositions.

Poetry & Song writing, Musical Instruments Creation, Sound Explorations,

Voice Modulations, Gibberish, Karaoke & Medley Compositions

Activity 8: Dance, Movements & Theater Activities

Explorations of Emotions, Gestures & Actions, Character Building, Performance Art, Story Telling, Eurhythmics, People Pyramid, Mirror Exercises, Centering & Balancing.

Activity 9: Open Sessions & Tours

Life Science – Human Values  – Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity – Cultures & Traditions – Spiritual Wisdom – Gardening, Natural Farming & Permaculture – Healthy Cooking & Food Cultures – Natural Clothing & Eco-Friendly Product Development – Earth Architecture – Sustainability – Waste Management – Environmentally Sound System & Technology – Gift Economy – Positive Journalism – Geography & Astronomy – Climate & Weather – Natural Medicine, First Aid & Therapeutic Practices.