Poetry & Performance Art

Waves & the Root

An Impromptu Performance Art
Feb 6th, 2016 / Paradise Beach, Pondicherry, India

Know not how, the uprooted tree reached ashore
Its life seemed to ebb and flow with frisky waves
Keeping many a secret in her maze, Nature leaves us amazed.

I began to etch leaves on sand around the lifeless tree
Where every fourth wave washes away
all marks, footsteps and blur the shadows.


Waves and the Root 10

With enormous forces,
Ocean engulfs into him, everything,
all matters along the shore!

Up there clouds were veiling the Sun,
Seeming as if the Sun was hiding itself behind them.
Then there was no shadow at the shore
and the root was ushered further by waves.

My mind went out of time
And the space started shifting its dimension.

On the other side,
I saw my friend mired in sand,

“Sand’s cradle is sand itself”
But what of that dry root?

To experience more layers
Further away from the reach of waves
I started engraving my thoughts over sand.
The dead root on one side and dancing waves on other,

“Suraj” my friend, became center of that space.


In the momentum of movements,
I felt the stillness of deep Ocean.

Lost in the wavering experience,
I’d touched my roots for a moment…

& then,

what I saw next to me was
an ending and a new beginning…
within The ONE continuity.

Waves and the Root 21

Much Thanks to Suraj for his presence, to Utkarsh for capturing beautiful photographs and to The Nature all around for adding this mystic experience in my journey:) Love


“WE”  a continual evolution

weAmidst the eternity, we emerge somewhere and take wings.

Naive, curious, unaware, we seek and inquire beyond.

In sequence and shambles

Along the time, against the flow,

We form, deform and transform.


Crawling through transient scape,

Sewing distinct perspectives,

We oscillate among extremes and live many lives.

Real or virtual, In thoughts and actions

We reflect and react on what we come across.

Inwardly, outwardly, we travel so far.


Facing the Light and under the ephemeral shadows,

We measure ourselves constantly.

Over all escapades of mind, surpassing self-narrowed barriers,

We ascend and align ourselves with the flow.


Beyond all laws and logic, we dream and follow intuitions.

In abundance, in nothingness

We miss and catch the secrets.

It is so dramatic and surprising

Most of it is unknown, uncertain and unpredictable.


Reaping, unwinding and culminating all together,

We set the fire within us and leap into another sphere

The surreal becomes real, conflicts concord

Everything converges inside us and we divert into everything.


Singing radiantly and forgetting everything around,

Living like an ocean, loving like the sky

We whirl, dance and leave this world all sudden.

We dissolve into the whole and disappear.


“THE ONE AND THE WHOLE” re-crafting self…


Unaware and in the moments of awareness,

Over all the escapades of mind and phantasm of perishable desires,

We contemplate and actualize ourselves

Over all illusory injuries and worthless battles

Once again,

We  re-craft ourselves and become one. 

We are, the One and the Whole.


“LET US SEE” seeing and seeking..


Emerging and ripening along the time,

whirling within & ever transforming…

We see,
The order in chaos, harmony in disarray,
The stillness in movements, a metrical mess,
Abundance in nothingness, nothingness in abundance,
And the diverse nature at its extreme.

Where have we arrived? let us see…

Let us see and seek beyond..

What we miss, what flies away and what remains.


“WE ARE, WE ARE NOT”  an uncertain chordWe are, we are not

We tiny atoms in the universe

and in the mysteries of life,

form, deform, converge, diverge, rise and set.

Revolving in lives, we come and go

We are, we are not.


“UNWINDING AND RECONNECTING”   hold, behold and let go…Unwinding & Reconnecting

Flying over immortal paths…

Growing in multi-layers,

What are we longing for, within?


From all the fantasies to the truth,

We give and take something,

That we hold, behold and let go…


“WHERE WE PASS THROUGH” ongoing trails


As life ordains,

We seek and search the reality in our own essence,

Along the waves and the winds,

Harmonizing with impermanence,

We gain a sense of wonder,

Where, we pass through.


“INCESSANT JOURNEYS”  aligning and ever rising…

Integrated Voyage

We arise and align,

Along the truth and the timeless time,

Seeking within and beyond,

We rise, Yes! We rise (: