Poetic Trails

“WE”  13th January, 2016 > a continual evolution

weAmidst the eternity, we emerge somewhere and take wings.

Naive, curious, unaware, we seek and inquire beyond.

In sequence and shambles

Along the time, against the flow,

We form, deform and transform.


Crawling through transient scape,

Sewing distinct perspectives,

We oscillate among extremes and live many lives.

In thoughts, in actions

Real or virtual, we absorb and reflect on what we come across.

Inwardly, outwardly, we travel so near, so far.


In the rays, under the ephemeral shadows,

We measure ourselves constantly.

Over all escapades of mind, surpassing self-narrowed barriers,

We ascend and align with incessant flow.


Beyond all logics and laws, we dream and follow intuitions.

Where we lose, we find ourselves more.

In abundance, in nothingness

We miss and catch the secrets.

It is so dramatic and so surprising

Most of it is unknown, uncertain and unpredictable.


Reaping, unwinding and culminating all together,

We set the fire within us and leap into another sphere

Where surreal becomes real, conflict concords

Everything syncs with us and we converge into everything.


We sing radiantly and forget everything around,

Living like an ocean, loving like the sky

We whirl, dance and leave everything all sudden.

We dissolve into the whole and disappear.


“THE ONE AND THE WHOLE”     6th September, 2015 > dissolving in wholeThe one and the whole

In thoughts, In actions

Unaware and in the flashes of awareness,

We lose and find our self.

We feel, we say, we express and create gestures.

Through our perceptions and reactions, We create conflicts and huge sphere of confusions.

Over all the escapades of mind and phantasm of perishable desires,

Over all illusory injuries and worthless battles

We contemplate, realize and actualize ourselves

We  re-craft, re-create, reform ourselves and  move away into another sphere


“EPHEMERALITY”     25th July, 2015 > a mind’s pursuitEphemerality

Let us explore,
How the vagaries set in multi layers around us
Unmanifest, manifest and re-manifest.
Moment to moment,
This Side, that side
Let us observe distinct perspectives
and experience the whole ephemerality.


“LET US SEE”     13th July, 2015 > an inner inquiry

let-us-seeIn the passing time,
Each day we see the symbolic reflections that surrounds us.
How they emerge, acquire forms, migrate,
whirl, unwind and melt.

Let’s allow our perceptions to enquire beyond.

For a while; let us see
The order in complex, the harmony in contrast,
The dancing stillness, the balter coordination,
Abundance in nothingness, nothingness in abundance,
Destroyed projections and nature at extremes.

How they form, deform and transform.

Let us see what we missed, what flied away
and what remains.


“WE ARE, WE ARE NOT”    7th July, 2015 > an uncertain chordWe are, we are not

We tiny atoms of universe ‘Know nothing’.

In the mysteries of the logic and laws,

We form and deform, converge and diverge

We rise and set, We come and go

We live and revolve in many lives and exist for a while.

We are, we are not.


“UNWINDING AND RECONNECTING”    21st May, 2014 > whorled explorationsUnwinding & Reconnecting

Amidst an amorphous stretch,

It origins as an unaware prelude

and invokes our subconscious immortally.

Crawling through uncertain challenges,

Sewing distinct perspectives,
Flying over surreal spaces,
Growing in multi-layers, We move onto another cycle
And reconnect the deeper voids of transient scape.


“WHERE WE PASS THROUGH”     13th September, 2013 > ongoing trails

where-we-pass-throughAlong the waves and the winds,
Syncing with shadows, seeking amazement on the other side.

We are the part of experiment.

Growing at extremes,
Surpassing self-narrowed barriers,
Harmonizing with impermanence,
Breaking patterns and regaining sense of wonder.

We insane atoms dance and transform our own ways.

To learn more silence, less words
To have more acceptance, less objections,
To seek woe free dreams
And repent free state.
by consistent practice and constant measuring.

We acquire center among conflicts.

Listening the whisper of river and absorbing the glow of sunset,
Singing in symphony, we live like an ocean and love like the sky.

Knowledge comes to us,
Life happens to us,

Where we pass through.