Mysteries – A film in making

A conceptual non-narrative documentary film that would reflect the metaphoric concepts subsist in various atmospheres and situations of life culture.mysteries-screenshotIn these endless mysteries of life,

How would we understand that is beyond understanding?


Whatever we define, changes with time.

Our perception changes, understanding changes,

Our seeking changes, destiny changes…

Nobody knows from where what arises and where it sets.

No one knows the beginning, no one knows the end.

Things coinside, synchronize, deviate and fall apart.


What moves us? What breaks us? What we hold inside & What are those chains, we are trying to be free off?

Reality turns into illusion and illusions are beyond measure.

Abundance in nothingness, nothing in abundance,

How and what flows where?


There are all sorts of things and ways perceived, interpret and pursued by all kind of people in this world.

All kind of paths, inspirations, beliefs, values, conditions, systems, structures and hierarchies.

All kind of habits, desires, aspirations, expectations and choices.

How they emerge, evolve and transform,

Who knows?


Sometimes we get the answers but they arise all new questions.

We are not completely ‘we’ but the influence and reflection of so many things, situations, conditions, people and environment around.

We live, learn and survive. We live, laugh and rise but what forces work within us and around,

who knows?


We can watch a seed becoming a tree, but what is inside that seed?

What form that formless fire has?

How time and spaces expand and squeezes and change our experiences time to time?

We can sense those forces, feel deeper vibrations, expand our knowledge and can predict many limits, but the moment we define infinite functions of life, they change their way through.


The ‘whole’ exist ‘as a whole’ in many parts. What connects with what and how the diversity of this whole existence synchronize for the best of its functioning?


Not all the phenomenons of this cosmos (and beyond) have been unveiled to humans.

Fishes enjoy the ocean but can never divulge its end.

This journey is a ‘journey of learning, practice and experience’ for all.

What stops where, what rebegins and continue? Who knows?

Some depths of these mysteries can never be revealed, understood or measured by the great logics or intelligence of human mind.


Mysteries are in making…

What goes along when we die?

Who knows?