Mysteries – A film in making

A conceptual non-narrative documentary film that would reflect the metaphoric concepts subsist in various atmospheres and situations of life culture.mysteries-screenshotHow would you understand that is beyond understanding?


There are endless mysteries of this whole creation, whole existence.

How are things really happening and working?


Whatever you define today, will change tomorrow.

Whatever you understand, the meaning would change.

Whatever you perceive, perception will change.


What you are finding is not really lost.

Nobody knows from where what arises and where it sets.

When you define its function, it changes its way.

Whatever you hold tightly, slips away.


Reality is not really real and illusions are beyond measure.

In the moment is everything and in the moment nothing.

Everything seems to be revolving or flowing in some direction,

How and where nobody knows.


There are all sorts of things perceived and pursued by all kind of people in this world.

All kinds of beliefs, paths, systems, structures, stages, phases, levels, planes and hierarchy.

All kinds of habits, desires, expectations and pleasures.

How they merge and depart, move or rest, affect or influence, change and transform, nobody knows.


We are not completely ‘we’ but the reflection of so many things, conditions, people and environment around.

Good-Evil, Love-Hatred, Sin-Virtue all are creations and functions of our mind.

Everything functioning at different planes is connected to one consciousness.


No one know the beginning, no one knows the end.

First our mind creates the destination, then paths to reach and then hurdles in-between.

May be there is no such destination where we always try to reach.

No chains that we want to be free off.


Whatever we predict or assume, it changes.

We don’t even know, from where this desire to know arises and what to make of it?

However you define, the meaning would change and the essence would change.


We can see seed becoming a tree, but what is inside the seed, nobody knows.

What is the limit? What is in the limit and what is not? Who knows?


Matchstick burns the paper and now fire is from what, matchstick or paper?

It becomes ash, now ash is of what?

What is formless has all the forms.

Nothing is hidden, maybe it’s just our inability to see, listen and understand.

Truth is simple, rest are the complications of our mind.


The same picture seems different from the ground and the sky.

All the metaphors we see in pieces are references to the whole truth.

How these pieces actually connect, nobody knows.

How time, space and action collectively happen, who knows?

How all the separations dissolve to evoke love?

How the whole diversity synchronize to function for what is intended by life?

No one can explain.


Who knows which path, knowledge and experience is for whom?

Some depths of mysteries can never be measured by the evidences and proofs of mind.

However you move, maybe there is but one movement of this whole creation.

Who knows?