My Journey

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Happiest memories of my childhood center round my experimental instinct to craft things.
Explorative inclination brought me to Architecture School where I have learned how we connect to spaces and spaces connect to us. While working on an academic thesis project “Residential Care Institute for Special (MR) Children” I was engaged in an interactive process of understanding user behavior and activity patterns to develop corresponding spatial enclosures.

After completing graduation in Architecture, my intuitive calling propelled me to travel along the breadths of my country to experience diverse life culture.

“I really enjoy nomadic travelling & free spirited mystic singing”.

Nomadic solo journeys, transform us entirely. The way we experience unbound nature and life in unknown terrains enriches our spirit. Immersed in melody, spell bound by cogent metaphors subsist in diverse life culture I bethought to align the essence of my learning with my artistic work journey.

I feel art is a medium and a process of evolving “self” through dynamic explorations, contemplation and flow of practice. It’s an odyssey of measuring finite perspectives emptying into infinite beyond.

Since 2013, I am passionately working on diverse art & design projects ranging from poetry to performance, visual arts to craft development and spatial installations to set designs.

In 2017, Started an alternative educational project ‘Shilp Khel’ that integrates craft & games to design creative activities for the experiential learning of kids.

While crafting short metaphoric films, I continue to explore the holistic life culture, seeking collaborative consciousness for sustainable community living & aspire to develop a slower and deeper learning space for self growth.