KIKLI – A dream community.

A dream to live and work together with people who are willing to align their lifestyle with nature to develop a healthy ‘regenerative’ ecosystem in communities for the peace, joy & growth of all through incredible co-creations:) 

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Five Work Dimensions

I. Open Space Technology
– Informal meeting space of people sharing their learning discoveries and offering their special life gifts to the needful.
– Books on Alternative Learning Schools, Re-Thinking Education, Natural Lifestyle, Nature Cure, Holistic Health, Biodiversity of Forest, Natural Farming, Natural Building, Vernacular Architecture, Ecological Innovations, Conscious Fashion, Eco-Friendly Livelihood Practices etc.

II. Deschooling > Unschooling > Self-Directed Learning
– Rising out of factory education systems and structures.
– Engaging in the process of self-discovery & self-integration.
– Re-Discovering diverse knowledge systems and work expressions.
– ‘learning is in living’ – developing personal immersive life-practices.
– Re-connecting and responding to the evolving social life fabric by designing some live/action projects.
– Develop skills to deal creatively with complexity, uncertainty, collapse and change in the world.

III. Maker Space + Livelihood Labs
– Organic Textile Development, Herbal Color Dying
– Bio-Products & Natural Craft Development.
– Traditional art processes in modern life design (with inspiring messages for all).
– Up-cycle Experiments

IV. Food & Health Café
– Permaculture (Live Demo)
– Re-building connections with bio-diversity in nature.
– Natural Farming & Landscaping (kitchen garden) + Seeds saving & offering.
– Live Sessions on Healthy Recipes & Food Preparation.
– Natural Lifestyle / Nature Cure
– Community Project: Every Home-Healthy Home
– Calisthenic Open Ground

V. Live Community Projects
– Inclusive poetic inspiration in urban/rural streets spaces.
– Interactive activity circles in urban/rural community spaces.
– Street Cinema + Travelling Cafe +  Craft Cart
Storytelling & Positive Journalism: Photo Essay + Video Film Art Projects
Documenting songs of common people & showing their unique stories of joy, dreams, learning, work-practice, family, life experience, celebrations and so on…

– Zero Waste Urban/Rural Projects
– Dariya Dil Dukaan (Thrift Shop)
– Pay Forward Gift Culture (Offering Spaces, Services & Goods)

– Connecting Dots: (By All For All) Developing a useful database of creative people/organizations working for communities in different ways.

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Infrastructure Development
Site: 5 Acre of land (bridging rural & urban spaces). 

I. Sacred Residential Zone
A Place for Meditation
House of Care Taker (1)
Residential Artist’s Studios (5)
Visitor’s Dorms with 20 Beds (2)
Facilities (7F+ 7M) Compost Toilets + Laundry
Community Kitchen + Organic Café
Drinking-Water Unit Installation

II. Experimental Learning Labs + Performance & Display Zone
Natural Coloring, Painting(Calligraphy) & Dying Studio
Bio-Products Development Worksheds
Apparel + Other Wearable Design Studio
Traditional Crafts + Contemporary Products, Toys & Furniture Design Studio
Clay Pottery + Sculpture (Wood, Stone & Paper Mache) Studios
Upcycling Studio + Murals + Art Installations Work Space
Spatial Game Design Spaces: Creative, Cognitive, Physical & Therapeutic Play Areas
Photo & Sound Studio + Dance & Theatre Studio

Exhibition Gallery + Display Areas (Indoor + Outdoor Shops) + Thrift Shop
OAT (Open Air Theater) + Indoor Performance & Film Screening Space
Research Lab + Hands-on Workshop Space + Library

III. Farms & Landscape
Miyawaki Food Forest (Inviting Biodiversity)
Natural Farming (Kitchen Garden based on Permaculture Design Principles)
Nursery + Lily Pond (with Fishes & Ducks)
Banana Circle + Medicinal Herbs Plantation
Therapy Park (Mud bath + Sunbath + Hydro Therapy)
Open Air Gym + Adventure Zone

IV. Service Units
Circulation / Pathways / Parking
Solar Panels + Power Room / Windmill
Water Tanks + Rain Water Harvesting
Waste Water Treatment Unit
Solid Waste Management Unit
Compost Pits