KIKLI – A community life.

KIKLI (ਕਿੱਕਲੀ) means hand holding, happily twirling and balancing each other in the sacred revolutions of life:)

At Kikli, we all wish to live in harmony with nature and by re-creating a conscious living, learning and work culture, we wish to involve ourselves in the conservation of bio-diverse ecosystem of our planet.

Kikli Forest

A dream to re-create a life culture where…

Every spirit is free to live in harmony with nature. 

We all can learn, play, work & happily grow together.
We all can cook, eat, sing, meditate & dance together.
We can grow our own food, make our own clothes & build our own habitats.

We can research, innovate and re-develop Eco-friendly work processes and products.
We can collaborate & contribute to make ‘A Zero Waste Community’.
We can strengthen our local Economy & Ecology hand in hand. 

We can take care of each other and support the growth of all at all levels.

There is no fear, no hate and no anxiety.
There is no second or third status; all are equal.
We all can live for the happiness, peace and prosperity of all. 

We all are healthy, wealthy and contented.


Five Work Dimensions
I. Open Learning Ecosystem
II. Forest, Farming & Natural Health
III. Ecological Development & Conservation
IV. Sustainable Livelihood & Crafts
V. Art, Awareness & Community Connections

I. Open Learning Ecosystem
– To rise out of controlled education system & create self-learning paths.
– To experience life through real time works and develop our absolute expression.
– To engage in the inherent process of self-discovery & whole being integration.
To playfully immerse in the timeless life patterns & grow our vital-creative being.
– To re-weave our eco-social fabric & create wholesome learning cultures in our communities.
– To bring clarity, foster courage and create healthy conditions for upcoming generations.
– To develop deeper consciousness, creativity & sensitivity to deal with complexity, uncertainty, collapse and change in the world.

An alternative leaning approach
for ref. you can check this link ShilpKhel Edu.
(Learning based on the nature, interest, passion & dream of the learner)

– Open Experiential Class Rooms + Open Grounds + Therapeutic Play Zone + Adventure Routes

– Informal Meeting Space for people (of all ages) from different walks of life to offer special gifts of their lives & share their learning discoveries among others.

Explorations on Food – Farming – Art – Craft – Design – Environment – Energy Conservation – Sustainable Community Culture –  Healing & Self Care – History/Literature – Positive Journalism – Social Justice – Creative Writing – Music – Spirituality – Language/Traditions – Architecture – Alternative Education – Media – Entrepreneurship

– Open Library with books on Natural Science of Planet, Wildlife & Bio-diversity, Primitive Life Cultures, Natural Lifestyle & Holistic Health Practice, Alternative Learning, Re-Imagining Schools, Re-Thinking Education, Natural Farming, Natural Building Architecture, Conscious Craft & Environment Friendly Innovations & Ecological Economics etc.

II. Forest, Farming & Natural Health
– Afforestation
– Bio diverse Food Forest + Herbal Garden
– Natural Farming (Kitchen Garden) / Permaculture
– Nursery (Seed Saving Unit) + Small Lotus Pond
– Living Soil Conservation + Composting

– Natural Food Processing
– Organic Café & Kitchen: Healthy & Wholesome Food 
– Nature Cure / Medicine Free Lifestyle
– Food Sharing & Exchange

III. Ecological Development & Conservation
– Bio Climatic Design + Vernacular Architecture

– Rain Water Harvesting (Natural Reservoirs / Tanks)
– Grey Water Treatment + Bioremediation
– Solid Waste Management + Recycling

– Energy Conservation
– Zero Waste Community Project

IV. Sustainable Livelihood & Crafts
Involving local communities into the production system as local entrepreneur groups. A fair revenue generation & profit sharing model based on the needs of people and healthy planet.

Project Types (which can be focused on).
Depending upon the community structure, skills, available resources & funds.

– Nursery + Botanical Garden + Seed Bank
– Organic Farm Produce + Natural Food Processing
– Hand loom Weaving, Knitting & Embroidery
– Home Linen (Curtains, Durries/Rugs, Khessi, Bedding, Pillows & Cushions)
– Organic Clothing (Apparels) + Bags & Pouches
– Herbal Colors Making (Painting & Dyeing).
– Building Materials + Furniture + Landscape Products
– Earthen Pottery (Kitchen + Dining Wares)
– Basketry + Bamboo/Grass Products
– Edible / Leaf Cutlery
– Natural Paper + Paper Crafts + Stationery Products
– Natural / Upcycle Toys & Games
– Natural Soap / Cosmetic / Body Utility Products
– Bio Engyme + Natural Dish Washer, Detergent / Cleaning Products
– Eco-Sanitary Pads
– Seed Jewellery
– Eco Footwears

V. Art, Awareness & Community Connections

– To spend quality time with each other (in communities) for slow & natural interactions to understand in depth the potential possibilities of reforming or recreating a healthy & prosperous culture for all.

– Expressive & Reflective Art Movements:
Art Projects where people of the community can explore their innate potential, unique skills, creative expressions & their deep connection with the natural ecosystem.

– Interactive & Reflective Circles (healthy dialogue/discussions) on holistic education, schooling, work-culture, human-harmony, ecology, development, wealth, success, life purpose etc. in urban/rural community spaces.

– Travelling Theater & Cinema  (Storytelling + Positive Journalism)
Photo & Video Art Documentation of Metaphoric Nature & Community Culture (capturing unique narratives & expressions of people… their joys, dreams, faith, work, culture, celebrations & so on…)

– Informal social gatherings for cultural/spiritual music and poetry recital.

– Forest Walks, Nature Art & Collaborative Games.

– Dariya Dil Dukaan (Thrift Shop based on Pay Forward / Gift Culture)

– Connecting Dots: (By All For All) Developing a useful database/resource network of people/organizations working towards natural lifestyle & healthy life alternatives in different ways.


First Few Steps…

  1. To search a suitable land + potential community.
  2. To build a core working team
    (with dream & vision alignment + interest & energy alignment + thought & attitude alignment + contributory ideas, resources,
    knowledge & work skills)
  3. To develop a collaborative work process + an execution plan.
  4. To arrange seed money.


Basic Work Process:
Step 1: Travel, Research & Immersion

  • To travel and explore existing rural settings. 
    few site preferences:
    1. Natural River & Forest near the site.
    3. Some old Trees (preferably) on site.
  • To learn and understand the needs & potential of both people as well as the land.
  • To grow through an immersive experience of the journey. 

Step 2: Compassionate connection with native people, culture & ecology.

  • To spend quality time for deep, slow & natural interactions with people to understand in detail the potential possibilities of reforming or recreating a healthy & prosperous culture for all.
  • To design and create some Interactive Art Projects (based on the earlier research) where people of the community can explore their innate potential, unique skills, creative expressions & their deep connection with the natural ecosystem.

Step 3: Interweave the threads of holistic learning & work culture.

Step 4: Initiate some Ecological Development Projects to collectively nurture the ecological awareness among all. 

Step 5: To organize learning exchange workshops, events & festivals.
To celebrate life with the diverse cultures/communities on earth. 

Step 6: To continue growing and organically develop the spaces & the culture of KIKLI community.


Need of A TEAM

  1. Nature Conservationist / Indigenous People
  2. Natural Farmers / Permaculturist / Forest Makers
  3. Environment Friendly Development Experts
  4. Facilitators for Holistic Learning & Education
  5. Facilitators for Conscious Community Building
  6. Eco-Architects, Artists & Designers
  7. Writers, Storytellers, Musicians & Film Makers
  8. Alternative Therapists / Holistic Health Coach
  9. Sustainable Livelihood Entrepreneur/Project Coordinators 
  10. Events, Workshops & Festival Organizers
  • People who are sensitive and are willing to deeply learn and understand the conscious needs of the bio diverse nature of planet & people.
  • People who are willing to integrate ecological learning, health and livelihood in their own as well as community lifestyle.
  • People who are willing to develop communities around the conscious culture of food, clothing and habitat.
  • People who are compassionate to learn and develop contextual learning content to bring conscious change in the communities.
  • People who have unique facilitation skills and can design alternative learning programs and holistic education in communities.
  • People who can consciously plan & execute some practical sustainable/regenerative work models in the communities.
  • People who can bring or bridge required resources to develop and execute some grass root projects in the communities.
  • People who can actively take responsibility of ecological livelihoods (farming, food production, clothing, craft & products) in the communities.
  • People who can develop a lifelong ethical work culture and participate in spreading the ecological awareness about the production, consumption and preservation in the communities.
  • People who can design and plan diverse learning exchange programs for local & global communities.

Few Reflective Questions

  1. What is Kikli for you?
  2. What personal connections do you feel with the community cultures?
  3. How would you like to join us?
    – for (long/short term) learning/working & volunteering.
    – for offering your gifts based on your passion, knowledge & skill sets.
    – for work collaborations and exchange.
    – for other resourceful contributions.
  4. What are your expectations/hopes from the Kikli Community?
    – from people, place, culture or the available resources.
    – your other needs for a healthy sustenance.
  5. Any challenges that you face that we can resolve together?


A Proposal
to develop K I K L I
a Model Community Hub.

Site: 13 Acre land.

I. Sacred Residential Zone
Residential Huts/Houses (5)
Visitor’s Cottages/Dorms (30)
Community Kitchen + Café (1)
Natural Drinking Water Units (2)
Facilities / Compost Toilets (7) + Laundry (1)
House of Care Taker (1)

II. Forest School + Open Play Zone
Open Class Rooms (3)
Experimental Practice Lab (1)
Therapeutic Play Zone + Open Air Gym + Adventure Routes
Library(1) + Research Lab(1)

III. Co-Working Studios + Experimental Labs
Co-Working Studios (2)
Photo Art Studio (1) + Sound & Video Design Lab (1)
Herbal Dying & Painting Studio (1)
Product Development & Craft Studios (10)
[Wood & Bamboo Craft (Carpentry) – Grass & Paper Craft – Textile Craft (Weaving & Tailoring) –  Pottery – Mycelium Craft – Metal Craft – UpCycle Murals/Sculptures – Bio Products]

IV. Forest, Farms + Bio Work Units
Natural Food Forest + Farm + Herbal Garden
Nursery (Seed Saving Unit) + Small Lotus Pond

Rain Water Harvesting (Natural Reservoirs / Tanks)
Solid Waste Management Unit + Grey Water Treatment Plant
Composting Zone

V. Performance, Exhibition & Display Zone
OAT (Open Air Theatre) + Auditorium
Exhibition Gallery + Display Areas (Indoor + Outdoor Shops) + Thrift Shop

VI. Service Units
Natural Pathways + Parking
Solar Panels + Windmill + Power Room
Water Tanks + Fire Safety Unit


It’s a collective dream of all of us:)

Take your own time & reflect:) 🍃

Whenever you feel ready, begin to connect and interact with Nature:)
Go gentle with your inner flow and natural transformations:) 🍃

Keep seeking and searching the depths of Nature,.. grow your own way.🍃

Whenever you like to practice your learning, get involved in developing conscious communities & healthy cultures around you.🍃

Take your own time, find your own ways & set your own pace. 🍃

We all vibrate on different frequencies of life and resonate with different dimensions. At different time and phases of life, we all receive different lessons to reflect, practice and grow. All these journeys are beautiful. 
Stay free and light:) 🍃

Keep it simple:)

Note: You can freely use & share this blueprint among your friends:) whoever wants to learn and work with nature:) anywhere on the planet & If needed you can edit or improve the text your way, sharing is open (no credits required). Give people the support they need:)

Its for the peace, the joy and the harmony of all:) 🍃