Forest & Farms

We all are ONE Eco-System, our physio-chemical bodies (composed of five elements) form, deform and transforms. The vital breath & energy emanating from the elements and the respective perceptive senses makes us alive to think, imagine, analyze and act. As much as we live in harmony with nature, we learn to imbibe the subtle laws of existence in our practice. By aligning ourselves with the natural life order, we can attain the true happiness, health and prosperity.

Forest & Natural Farms are such biodiversity spaces in life where one can always slow down to observe & learn deeply how to live in synergy to create regenerative systems and maintain the natural sustenance for all life forms.

In the Forest _darasIn the Forest

Yes, there is a timelessness in this forest.. countless organisms living under & over the forest floor.. in the covers of dark mulch.. around the wild bushes, creepers, herbs and trees.. fluttering wings and the melodies of birds.. the moment I cross water streams, they show me the ancient landscapes.. I breathe, the way forest breathe… when the clouds envelope, all the pieces of my shadows disappear.. I have seen the night in the noon.. yes, there is a timelessness in this forest.
~daras (sept2019, Uttarakhand)

greens and browns 01

🌳🍃 forest friends
greens & browns / wild & free
layers & surfaces / textures & patterns

learnings at Himalayan Farm Project, Uttrakhand, India


More to observe and experience, less to say..

The science, the songs and the silences..

Over and over again, a journey to return.