Wing Less

An art installation at Majha House Syal Festival 2018.

To look at borders we create & boundaries we break, we had developed and installed a WING LESS creature caged in barbed wire at Majha House Syal Festival 2018 in Amritsar.

Inaugurated by Paro Anand, the wingless creature was given wings by people at festival & wonderful messages of peace and harmony and of creating a borderless world were added to it as the two day long festival progressed.

Project Link: WING LESS

The Collection Bureau

at India Art Fair 2018
a POLLINATOR project

One of my PoemRaahi Mere Dost‘ (in Punjabi language) got shortlisted by The Collection Bureau & displayed at their Booth at IAF 2018.

Reciting my poem and then interacting with my favourite artist Jiten Thukral was an amazing experience.  

Daras at Collection Bureau_IAF2018.jpg

darshan @
You can visit the pollinator website to view my work and see the learnings/outcome of this experiment.

Brown Mountains

Brown Mountains / Canvas Size: 3′ X 3’/ Painted with fingers & grass

Medium: White Acrylic, Mud, Stone Dust, Crushed Dry Leaves, Coal, Ash, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder & Fevicol.

A Painting at International Artist Village Residency / Feb3th-7th, 2018 / Organized by Chittorgarh Art Society at Nandvai Village & Menal Resort, Chittorgarh, India.