A Vernacular Sculpted Installation

At Village Jaipura, Ludhiana, Punjab

This project is an effort to explore an earthen craft process by creating a life-size sculpted landmark using vernacular elements and antique objects as a symbol of tangible heritage and associated intangible traditional values.

Project Link : Landmark

Publication: Emergent Art Space

S a u d a d e

A Photo Art Project

Depicting an idea of an internal longing, a passage that evokes our inner search.

This photo art series is based on an evolutionary poetic trail (a journey) of our inner clown* who curiously seeks life beyond boundaries and believes that “one finds oneself better in a contrary surrounding.”

When we travel far away from “self” and get entangled in the worldly affairs, sometimes we forget or lose our inner essence, and this state emerges a desire within us to find our “self” back. Over the time this longing becomes a passage that evokes our inner search, in whatever culture or environment we (physically) move, we start discovering and understanding our inner center, and slowly learn to evolve our being.

* Tribalistic clown is a symbolic creation of our inner being exploring “self” in a contrary external setting, portraying an emotion each one of us feels at some phase of our lives.

Project Link : S A U D A D E

Publication : Emergent Art Space

Exhibition : BHFTH – Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai


Poetic Trails

INTEGRATED VOYAGE      25th September, 2015 > aligning raysIntegrated Voyage.jpg


We rise along the whole universe,

We dance and dissolve in the wholeness,

Our purposefulness is in the purposelessness.

Everything is inside us and we are everywhere.

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